Internet Links
I have included links to a number of website related to the contents of this website that I have found helpful in the past.  I am still in the process of re-publishing the links from the earlier version of this website, so this page is very incomplete at the moment.  In the process of reloading the website I realized that a lot of the links were out-of-date and that many websites I currently use quite often were never included in the previous links.  So I'm adding links one at a time to bring this page up-to-date.  This could take awhile.
General Cruising
The Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA).  I have been a member for more than 7 years.  The website contains a large repository of up-to-date cruising information available to members.
The Noonsite.  Jimmy Cornell's website for information on cruising destinations
St. Brendan's Isle mail forwarding service.  I have been using this service for all of my mail since March, 2005.  The service has been excellent.
The SSCA Discussion Board.  A forum open to SSCA members and non-members to discuss any subject important to cruising and living on board.
Cruising Club of America.  Well established and influential association of blue water sailors.  The website contains many interesting and informative articles on cruising and off-shore sailing.
Voyage Planning & Navigation
Southbound II, Herb Hilgenberg.  Herb is a legendary friend of cruisers on the N. Atlantic.  Herb maintained a radio net on 12359.0 MHz at 20:00 UTC daily to provide weather routing information to cruisers.  Herb did not demand or expect any fee for this service, but I always made a contribution before departing on a passage.  Herb stopped providing this service several years ago.
Jenifer Clark's Gulfstream.  Jenifer along with her husband provide a number of ocean current and weather routing services.  I've used Jenifer's Gulf Stream analyses and forecasts on three voyages and found them to be accurate and very useful.  In particular I like that she provides her analyses and forecasts in a graphical format with high enough resolution that I can import those charts into Fugawi and then easily use the charts in developing a route.
On Board Computing
DigiBoat, the publisher of the Software on Board (SOB) navigation package.  This is my favorite navigation software.  For me the only drawback is the limitation to C-Map charts.  Nothing wrong with C-Map, but I would like other options.
Northport, the publisher of Fugawi Marine ENC navigation package.  It isn't my favorite software, but of all the navigation packages I've owned this one supports the greatest number of map formats and sources.
OpenCPN, the open source software for marine navigation.  As long as I'm sailing the coastal USA, this is my preferred navigation package.
NOAA Office of Coast Survey, the source of the free-to-download Marine ENC and RNC charts.
Weather Sites
NOAA Marine Forecasts.  The home page for NOAA Marine Forecasts.  This the entry point for all marine-related weather forecasts.
NOAA Marine Radio Facsimile Charts.  Source to download the latest weather analysis and forecast charts.  You can also retrieve archived weather products through this site.
NOAA National Data Buoy Center.  The source for weather reports from data buoys (NOAA and international) as well as reports from vessels at sea.
Boat Repair, Rigging, Sailmakers
West System Epoxies.  This website is not only a source for many epoxy products but also a source on information on applications and how to work with the products.
Brion Toss's Rigging Site.  Brion sells many very useful and unique rigging tools through his site as well as books and video on rigging and working with rope.  In addition the site supports the Spartalk Discussion Forum on rigging topics.
Quantum Sails.  All of the sails I have added to Sarah's inventory have been from the Quantum Sails Loft in Solomons, MD (except for the staysail, which I had Quantum re-cut).  Clark McKinney and his crew also did most of the canvas work on Sarah
RigRite is a source for a wide range of spars and spar-fittings.  RigRite custom fabricated the main mast sheaves on Sarah.  They are also a source for rigging specific to Pearson Yachts.
Boat Hardware, Electrical & Mechanical Equipment
SeaFrost Refrigeration.  I installed the SeaFrost engine-driven compressor and the Short-Assist-III compressor on Sarah in 2003.  These systems have worked flawlessly for over 5 years.  Not only are their products excellent, but their support is as well.
Perko Marine Hardware.  One of the oldest U.S. manufacturers of yacht hardware and marine lighting.
Schaefer Marine Hardware.  Manufacturer of blocks, furlers and other high quality deck hardware.
  Alpenglow lighting fixtures.  I have 5 Alpenglow area lights on Sarah.  They are the best lights I've found for the combination of brightness, low power consumption and minimal RFI.  I expect that these fluorescent fixtures will eventually be replaced with LED-based area lights, but for now these are the best cabin lights I've found.  
Airhead Composting Toilet.  In 2008 I replaced my old sewage system (Raritan PHII toilet, LectraSan treatment system, smelly hoses, etc.) with the Airhead toilet.  This eliminated all through hulls and all of the unpleasant odor of the previous system.
Yacht Association Sites
Pearson 424 Owners Website.  A repository of lots of information and pictures on the hundreds of Pearson 424s that are out there cruising and preparing to cruise.
Columbia Yacht Owners Website 
Ham & SSB Radio
Cruising Services & Supplies is a company owned and run by my friend Dick Juppenlatz.  He has developed a significant level of expertise in on-board telecommunications and has been able to help a large number of cruisers (myself included) up the difficult learning curve of becoming a competent operator of on-board HF telecommunications (SSB or HAM).  I recommend him highly.
Books & Publications
Latitude 38 magazine.  Published in San Francisco, this magazine primarily covers West Coast sailing as well as cruising to Mexico and the South Pacific.  This magazine never fails to be informative and interesting.  Also it is usually pretty damn funny.  Mostly it doesn't take itself as seriously as the main stream yachting publications.