Videos of the OffShoreNavigationVBA Ship Log Functions
This web page contains a number of tutorial videos on using the OffShoreNavigationVBA program, specifically using the Ship Log function.  There is a separate page of videos on the Celestial Navigation functions of the program.
On the right are links to each of the videos on this web page.
Enter Ship Log Data
Waypoint Route
Great Circle Route
Export Route
Import Route
Print Ship Log
Ship Log Overview
The video below provides an overview of the Ship Log functions in the program.
Entering Ship Log Data
The video below covers the entry of log data into the Ship Log workbook during a voyage.
Creating a Waypoint Route
This video shows how to create a route based on a series of waypoints.  I made another typo in entering one of the waypoints in this route.  See if you can catch the error.  I have added validation code in version 9.95c, which should prevent this kind of typo from getting into the route.
Creating a Great Circle Route
The program can also be used to create a Great Circle route as demonstrated in the next video.  The route generated is actually a psuedo Great Circle as it is made up of a number of rhumb line segments between waypoints.
Exporting a Route
The next video demonstrates the exporting of a route from OffShoreNavigationVBA into a file that can be imported by another program or a chart plotter.
Importing a Route
The program can also import a route from a file created by another program or chart plotter
Printing the Contents of the Ship Log
The video below shows how to print the contents of the Ship Log