OffShoreNavigationVBA Videos for Celestial Navigation
This page contains a number of tutorial videos on using the OffShoreNavigationVBA program, specifically the Celestial Navigation functions of the program.  There is a separate page for videos on the Ship Log functions.
On the right are links to the videos on this web page.
Visible Stars & Planets
Sun Sight
Linear Regression Analysis
Generate Position Fix
Star Sight
Planet Sight
Moon Sight
Moon Rise/Set
Print Almanac
The Video below provides an overview of this program
Selecting Visible Stars and Planets
The Video below covers using the program to select morning and evening objects for celestial sights.  This video displays a program bug in that the sorted list of the celestial objects is not correct.  My sort obviously does not handle negative numbers correctly.  My narration also has a bug.  I state that the time of the evening twilight has passed.  In that case I should have incremented the date for both the morning and evening lists to the following day.  I only advanced the date of the morning list.
Reducing a Sun Sight
The video below demonstrates using OffShoreNavigationVBA to reduce a Sun sight.
Linear Regression Analysis of Multiple Sun Sights
The next video shows how to use OffShoreNavigationVBA to perform a linear regression analysis on a series of Sun sights to identify and eliminate errors in the sights.
Generate a Position Fix from Multiple Lines of Position (LOP)
This video covers using the program to generate a position fix based on a series of LOP - Sun, Star, Panet or Moon sights.
Reducing a Star Sight
The video below demonstrates using the program to reduce a star sight.
Reducing a Planet Sight
This video covers using the program to reduce a planet sight.
Reducing a Moon Sight
The following video covers reducing a Moon sight with this program.  This sight reduction requires the use of a curren Nautical Almanac.
Calculating the Time of Moon Rise/Set/Meridian Passage
This video demonstrates how to use the program to calculate various phenomenom of the Moon.  I actually made a typo error in this video when entering the Moon Set times from the Nautical Alamanc.  If I had inspected the results a little more carefully I would have detected the error and corrected the entry.
Printing Daily Pages Similar to Those in the Nautical Almanac
The program can be used to print almanac data similar to the daily pages of the Nautical Almanac.  The missing item from this report is the Moon data.