Cruising the Azores Islands
Click on chart to view a full resolutionThe Azores is an archipelago of nine islands covering nearly 300 nm east to west.  The eastern most islands are about 800 nm from the coast of Portugal.  In addition to a convenient stopping off point for yachts traveling east and west across the Atlantic, the Azores offer an extensive cruising ground with a unique culture and geography.
Our initial stop in the Azores was at the island of Flores, the western-most of the Azores.  A week later we sailed from Flores to the yachting center of the Azores at Horta on Faial.  After 10 days in Horta we motored to Sao Jorge, but stayed only two nights as the anchorage was very rough.  Then onto to Terceira for nearly two weeks.  Finally we motored to Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel from where we departed for the mainland of Portugal.  Click on the links in the navigation panel on the left to view web pages on our voyage from Bermuda to the Azores as well as our visits to several of the islands.
Below are videos of our cruise through the Azores.
Intro to the Azores and Touring Flores
Faial and Sao Jorge
Terceira and Sao Miguel