Day 3: Trebes to Carcassonne - (Back to Day Two) or (On to Day Four)

From Trebes we had a short trip to Carcassonne.
Ecluse Sluices Open
L'Ecluse de Saint Jean
Entering Ecluse Above Carcassonne

Underway Toward Carcassonne
Parked outside of Carcassonne
Berthed at Carcassonne
We tied off next to the tow path just inside the city limits shortly before lunch.  While berthed at this seemingly quiet area we were warned by several passers-by that this was a high crime area, and that we would be better off moving closer to the center of the city.  Unfortunately all of the berths nearer the city were taken and we had to stay put until the following morning.  Until then one of us always stayed on board.

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