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On the second day of the trip we planned to cruise from Puicheric to the city of Trebes.  Trebes would be the first true city we would visit on this trip, and we looked forward to replenishing our food and wine stocks.  It was hard to believe, given the amount of wine we brought on board less than two days ago, that we were running low.
L'Ecluse de Fonfile, Two Locks at a Time
Ecluse de Fonfile
The ecluse de Fonfile, the second set of locks on this leg, is a triple lock.  In this set we must transit three locks, back-to-back-to-back.  Fortunately there was very little down stream traffic and the Eclusier was able to lock us through the second and third locks at one time by opening the intermediate gates.  This sped our transit of the locks and provided us with a spectacular water display as both locks filled simultaneously.
After Fonfile Chris and Gillian decided to walk the three kilometers to Marseillette, where we intended to stop for lunch.
Chris and Gillian Decide to Hike It
Chris and Gillian Hiking on the Tow Path
At Marseillette we tied up to the town dock and re-filled our water tanks.  By the time the tanks were filled Chris and Gillian had arrived and we trekked a few kilometers to the Restaurant Muscadelle, just outside of town.  The Muscadelle appears to double as a cabaret in the evening .  We had no musical entertainment for lunch, but we did have an excellent meal.
Lloyd and Friends at Marseillette
Restaurant Muscadelle in Marsellette

Pennichette 1120, Parked at Trebes
Berthed at Trebes
From Marseillette to Trebes we had the pleasure of not having to transit a single lock until the outskirts of Trebes.  Once through the locks at Trebes we tied up near the center of the city, and everyone departed to go shopping and touring.
I met up with Mike, Deborah, and Mark at a sidewalk bar in Tebes along the Aude River. Mike, Deb and Mike in Trebes
Sidewalk Bar in Trebes
Large Winery Outside of Trebes
Grape Husks at Trebes Winery
Upon return to the barges we discovered that we were berthed near the intersection of about four or five highways.  The traffic noise was terrible, so we moved the barges further up the canal, away from the highways.  Near our new berth was one of the large vintners in this region of vin ordinaire.  Clearly this is a volume producer based on the evidence of the mountain of grape husks.
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