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Preparations for Cruising the South Pacific
WHOOSH on passage to Sardinia, as seen from HITRAPIA - August, 2007
To our way of thinking, there is a big difference - or perhaps it's many individual differences, all rolled together - between cruising in the Caribbean or in Europe and sailing off to the South Pacific, and it isn't just the distances involved.  Destinations are each more remote, self-sufficiency seems even more important as most islands' infrastructures are quite basic, the in-season weather systems are more complex, and any inclination to look for a marina berth is now replaced with the knowledge we'll always be anchoring.

Our preparations are now underway and we'll be adding comments on the issues we've tackled throughout the balance of 2009 - just use the pull down menu in the left pane under 'Preparing for the South Pacific'.  Our departure from Florida for the Canal is currently scheduled for late November, 2009.
Jack & Patricia