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Google Earth Tour of Whoosh's South Pacific Cruise
This page provides a Google Earth tour of Whoosh's cruise through the South Pacific from the Galapagos to Oz.
In order to view this tour you must have the Google Earth plug-in installed in your web browser.  If the plug-in is not installed you should see a link to download the plug-in in the window above.  If you see an image of the earth, then the plug-in has been installed.  This plug-in may still be an older version than what is required to view this tour.  If that is the case the tour may abort and you will be provided a link to download the latest version.
To start the tour click on the Enter Tour button above.  This will display the tour controls.  Click the play control () or the Play Tour button and the tour will begin.  You can pause the tour with pause control () or the Pause Tour button.  To exit the tour before it completes click on the stop control (▪), the Stop/Reset Tour button or the Exit Tour button.
Depending on the bandwidth of your Internet connection and/or Internet traffic congestion, the tour may get ahead of Google Earth's image download speed.  This normally results in the Google Earth image appearing to be out of focus.  If this happens you can pause the tour and let Google Earth catch up.  Alternatively, let the tour complete and if any parts were out of focus re-run the tour.  By the second time through Google Earth should have downloaded all of the images required by the tour and everything should be in focus.