This is another Excel VBA application I've developed for my own use.  This workbook is used to create, maintain, and update a maintenance schedule for each of the significant systems on Sarah.  The workbook also contains a log of maintenance functions performed on those systems.
If you would like to use this application you can download the workbook from the links below.  The blank workbook can be used to generate a maintenance log for your vessel.  The Sarah's Maintenance Workbook is one I have created for the systems on Sarah.  You can use that workbook as a model for your own, or just use it to exercise the application and determine if it could be of value.  Sarah's workbook was used to generate the screen captures that are part of the documentation below.
The current version is 1.4, 9/28/2008.
As of Dec 1, 2008 I have released a new workbook to integrate the separate Maintenance and Inventory workbook applications.  This new application is documented and can be downloaded from this page: Integrating the Inventory & Maintenance Workbooks.
With the release of the integrated workbook I will no longer release updates to the stand alone Maintenance workbook.  Future updates to this application will be released through the integrated application.  I have removed the download link for the blank workbook.  If you want to download this application go to the link above for the integrated application.

The blank workbook initially contains four (4) worksheets.

  1. MaintDef - This worksheet contains the System Table, which defines each of the maintenance systems to be tracked by the workbook.  The System Table also contains a description of the system, the name of the worksheet that contains the maintenance schedule for each system  and other information on each system.
  2. MaintLog - This worksheet contains a record of each maintenance task recorded in the workbook
  3. TaskListTemplate - This worksheet is a template for the individual task sheets for each system.  The task sheets define all of the maintenance tasks and the task schedules for a each system that will be tracked by the workbook.
  4. ChangeHistory - This is a record of the changes that have been made to this application.
As each system is added to the workbook a copy of the TaskListTemplate is created for that system.
The application consists of a number of user forms that are used to define each system and the associated maintenance task list/schedule and then record the completed maintenance tasks.  The application also includes a form for generating maintenance reports.
Below are links to the various sections that document how to use this Maintenance Workbook.
Getting Started
When the workbook is first opened the MaintDef worksheet is activated.  The screen capture on the left (click on the image to view it at full resolution) is of the maintenance workbook I have created for the systems on Sarah. 
The System Table for Sarah is shown, listing all of the systems for which I have established a maintenance task list and maintenance schedule.
Highlighted by the red rectangle is the "Run Maintenance Log" button to click on to start the application.
When the button is clicked the Maintenance Log form appears.  At the top of the form is a list box containing all of the systems defined in the System Table.  If this is the first time you have run the application this box will be empty and you will start by populating the table and the associated task sheets.
This is Sarah's maintenance log and I have already added a number of systems.
The screen capture on the left (click on the image to view it at full resolution) shows the MaintLog worksheet, which is the log of maintenance activity recorded in the workbook. 
Entering Maintenance Action in the Log
I have selected one of those systems, the SeaFrost refrigeration (red arrow), and the Update Maint Log button at the bottom of the form (red ellipse) has been enabled.
The Update Maint Log button activates the Maintenance Record form which is used to enter records into the log.
There are two drop-down lists at the top of the form.  On the left is the Maintenance Schedule List, which is initially set to All Tasks.  If a large number of tasks had been defined for this system the schedule options in the list (e.g. Monthly, Annual, etc.) could be used to filter the Maintenance Task List to make it easier to find a specific task.  In this case I have defined only 7 maintenance tasks for the SeaFrost refrigeration so there is no need for a filter.
I have just checked the refrigerant level on the SA3 system and need to record that in the log.
I selected the "Check Refrigerant Level - SA3" task (click on the screen capture to view at full resolution).  Then I clicked on the small "..." button next to the "Date Task Completed" text box.  This brings up the Calendar Form on which I selected the date the refrigerant was checked.
The Calendar Form inserted the date "9/18/2008" in the text box and I recorded that I performed the task ("Self") and added comments on the results of the check.
Then I clicked on the "Record Task" button (blue ellipse) to enter this data into the maintenance log.
In the "Completed Tasks" list at the bottom of the form (blue arrow) this task has been recorded..
There is also a drop-down list just above the "Completed Tasks" that contains the dates of all previous records of this task.
In this case, this is the first time I've recorded this task and it is the only one in the list.
When I click on that entry in the drop-down list, the maintenance task data is displayed on the form.  If I wanted to modify this record I could change any of the fields and click on the "Record Task" button to update the record.
When all maintenance activity has been entered into the log click on the "Close Form" button to return to the initial user form.
The screen capture on the left (click on the image to view it at full resolution) displays the MaintLog worksheet and I have highlighted the log entry just entered.
For further documentation on this application go to the document list at the top of this page.