Excel Abort When Starting BoatRecords
On occasion when BoatRecords is started (by clicking on the Records button) Excel 2007 will abort.  Excel 2007 normally will close and restart with the BoatRecords files recovered.  Once this situation occurs it may persist.  Every time BoatRecords is started Excel aborts.  This happens only in the Win7 and Office 2007 environments.  I have not been able to determine the cause of this problem.  Whenever I use the VBA Editor to trap the problem the abort does not happen and in fact normally goes away.  Currently the only way I can clear this condition is to use the VBA Editor.  My guess is that there is a memory allocation bug in Excel 2007 that allows the BoatRecords application to overlay some of the Excel code, producing the abort.  Loading the VBA editor seems to force a different memory allocation and clears the condition.  That's only a guess on my part.  I haven't found any support for that guess on the various Office user forums.   So I'll keep looking for a fix or some support for the Excel bug explanation.
This abort has not happened in the Ofice 2016 environment under Win10.  It has happened only rarely when BoatRecordsVBA is installed as an Excel Add-In with previous versions of Office.

1. After loading the BoatRecordsVBA workbook (the Records button is visible in the Excel 2007 ribbon) start the VBA Editor as shown below.

In Excel 2007 the VBA Editor is normally started under the Developer tab on the ribbon as shown on the right.


2. Now go back to the Excel Window and click on the Records button to start the application.  As long as sthe VBA Editor is open, there should not be an Excel abort.