Hinterhoeller 25 (1968 HR 25)
Click on picture to view at full resolutionThe Hinterhoeller 25 (HR25) was a successor to the very popular Hinterhoeller Shark 24.  Introduced in the late 1960s, the HR25 became a very popular racer under the then widely used Midget Ocean Racing Club (MORC) rating rule.  The HR 25 is a very quick and stiff boat, especially by the standard of 1960s production sailboats. 
Click on picture to view at full resolutionI purchased a 1968 HR 25 in 1972, shortly after I moved to the Washington, DC area.  Before I sold it in 1976, I never became a good enough technical sailor to really appreciate this boat , but I did appreciate it's forgiving nature as I started up the cruising under sail learning curve.
Click on picture to view at full resolutionEven then I saw the handwriting on the wall and anticipated my need to be an effective single-handed sailor
Still I did appreciate the benefits of having an attractive crew.  God, we were young then
I kept the HR 25, which I never named, on the South River from 1972 to 1975 then moved it to Solomons, MD where I purchased a Columbia 8.7 and sold the HR 25.