Oxford and the Choptank River
Tred Avon & Oxford Broad Creek Poplar Island Choptank River The Choptank River area is probably my favorite cruising area on the Chesapeake Bay and Oxford is definitely my favorite destination.

The Choptank combines a vast number of pleasant anchorages, and three very different Eastern Shore town destinations (Oxford,  Cambridge and St. Michaels with great accessibility from the two major sailing centers of the Chesapeake Bay - Annapolis and Solomons.  Although I am not the greatest fan of his books, I must admit James Michener got it right when he used the Choptank as the setting for his epic story of the Chesapeake Bay.

Outside of the Patuxent River, I have spent more pleasant days at anchor in the creeks of the Choptank and touring its towns than any other region of the Chesapeake.

The only negative associated with the Choptank is that we sailors are limited to the area west of the fixed bridge at Cambridge.  Still this leaves us with a tremendous variety of destinations, a few of which I have documented in this section of the website.

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