Poplar Island
Poplar Island is the center of what were three islands that used to form a barrier off Tilghman Island behind which shallow draught boats could anchor.  This was a convenient anchorage for boats transiting the Bay as it didn't require sailing up the Choptank.  Starting in the mid-1990s, the Corps of Engineers started to dump spoil from the dredging of Baltimore Harbor along the western edge of these islands to form a protective barrier.  This should reduce the erosion of these islands, which was threatening to turn them into shoals.  It appears to have succeeded in this objective, but I'm not sure what it has done to the beauty of this anchorage or even if anchoring is still possible
The pictures below were taken on my first overnight, single-handed cruise on my HR 25 in 1973.
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Jefferson Island
This is Jefferson Island, the northern most the three islands.  There was a dock and lodge on this island.  It used to be owned by the Democratic Party, and both Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman took brief vacations on this island when they were President.  I don't know if Kennedy or Johnson ever used this facility during their presidencies.
The lodge still existed in 1973, but was in disrepair.  I have no idea what this scene looks like today.
On my single-handed trip to Poplar Island in 1973 I anchored off Coaches Island, which was the largest  of the islands.  It offered the best protection and deepest water when the wind is out of the SW, which it normally is during the summer. Click on picture to view at full resolution
Coaches Island