Day 11: Calabash River to Georgetown, SC
From the Calabash River near Little River, SC we got another early start.  We were still looking for an opportunity to go outside, but the morning forecast on the VHF radio offered no encouragement.  The forecast was for light winds early in the day then south winds at 10-15 before a warm front passed over the area with scattered rain showers.  Therefore we elected to go as far as Georgetown, SC.
Click on image to view at full resolution A few miles down the ICW from the Calabash River we went through the tacky town of Little River, SC.  It appears several Casino boats are based out of this port as well as several Parasail operators.
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Click on image to view at full resolutionJust above North Myrtle Beach, SC is the infamous "Rock Pile".  This is a narrow stretch (3 sm) of the ICW with rocky shores.  It is reported to be a major source of revenue for the local machine shops repairing bent propellers and shafts.  As we approached the north end of the Rockpile we listened to a tug boat on the VHF radio that was transiting the area.  We pulled to the side and let the tug boat exit the Rock Pile before we entered.  Our transit was without incident and we did not have the opportunity to make a contribution to the local economy.


Click on image to view at full resolutionDuring the day the ICW merged with the Wacamaw River.  We were definitely in the Low Country of SC in the middle of a large cypress swamp.
Click on image to view at full resolutionUntil today we had few encounters with tug traffic on the ICW.  The only tugs we have observed were at night when we were anchored or in a marina or on the wider thoroughfares of the ICW.  After the northbound tug in Rockpile we also encountered a pair of southbound tugs moving a dredging barge down the ICW.  They were going less than 6 knots and we easily passed them.  Since the tugs don't stop for the evening we would encounter them again tomorrow on our way to Charleston.
Click on image to view at full resolution By 5:00PM that day we were at Georgetown, SC.  Since I needed to take on fuel, we elected to spend the night at the Georgetown Landing Marina on the Great Pee Dee River (red arrow on chart on left).
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