Google Earth Tour of Sarah's Passages from Florida to Portugal in 2005
This tour requires the Google Earth Plug-In.  If you do not have the Plug-In installed in your browser the link to download the Plug-In should be displayed above.
Once you have the Plug-In installed, the Google Earth image of the earth should appear above.  Click on the Enter Tour and the tour controls will appear.  Click on the play (►) and the tour will begin.
The tour may proceed faster than Google Earth can download the images.  If the image displayed appears out of focus, click on the Pause Tour button or the pause control(║) and wait until the image comes into focus.  Then click play once more.  An alternative is to play the tour in its entirety.  If any portions were not in focus, play it again.  On the second time through Google Earth will likely have all the images downloaded and the tour should be in focus.