Chicago Architecture
Chicago is famous for its architecture and the number of tall buildings.  This page contains a few pictures I've taken of many of those buildings.  Many of these pictures were taken from boat tours of the Chicago waterfront and the Chicago River.
The pictures are hyperlinked to http://www.chicagoarchitecture website, which provides detailed information on the specific buildings.  If you hover the cursor over a building in one of the pictures and see the name of the building displayed, you can click on that part of the picture and the web page for the building will be openned in a separate tab in your browser.

Looking Down the Chicago River (flows away from the Lake) Toward Michigan Avenue

Looking North Across Millenium Park Toward Randolph Street

Lake Front Looking Toward Chicago River Lock
Looking From Millenium Park Toward Michigan Ave.

Entering the Chicago River from the Boat Tour Berth
Passing the Merchandice Mart
Entering the North Fork of the Chicago River
On the South Fork of the Chicago River