Below are pictures taken by Lloyd Ator on the Canal du Midi trip.  Shown in no particular order.  Click on any picture to view an enlarged image.

The Canal du Midi is tree lined for almost the entire trip from Argens-Minervois to Carcassonne.  Our trip was in October when the high temperature was around 70 and the lows were in the high 40's.  During the summer when the high temperature is in the 90's this constant shade would be greatly appreciated.

Passing a down stream heading barge.

Tied off to the tow path just down stream from Carcassonne.  This is the area where we were warned of the petty criminals that worked the tow path.

Tied off in the canal just off Argens-Minervois for our last night on board.

One of our nightly feasts (when we weren't eating at a local restaurant) on board La Narbonne.

Deb, Mike and myself with the smoking lamp lit.

Everyone except the photographer outside the very unusual restaurant at Le Marseillette.

Cleaning up after another feast on La Narbonne

 The group picture on the opening page on this trip.


Exiting one of the many locks on the Canal du Midi

Mark and David enjoying the end of the day.

Nancy and Mark performing galley duties under way.